Tuesday, December 13, 2011

small talk

This article is completely right about people will talk about anything to keep the night going. the suggestions they give are some good ones but you have to find the right person for each of them. Personally as a girl, I would not know what to say to someone who brought up sports. I do not like them and i do not care about them. If you brought up my family I could keep the conversation going for days but, then again you have to find the right person because it could be a sore subject.
Small talk at work is a way to get to know people and see if they could be someone you would like to work with more often. This could also lead to customers or clients in the future so it is important that you do not say the wrong thing and bring up a topic that could offend them.


I would not use this website in the future, I think it is a good idea and could help people who use it correctly. From the tips that were given in the article I would not use it the way it should be and it says use it correctly, or do not use it at all. I would not update it on a daily basis or as often as it needs to. 
I do think the tips are good. If people are not going to use it correctly then they should have it. Put up a picture so people know who you are and what you look like. It should not matter, but people not look at you at all if you do not have a picture. Also people do not want to be confused, or have a hard time moving around your website so make it clear and visible for sections that are necessary. The website is a great invention it is just not something I would use in the future do to the tips for best use.

What resumes do not show

Resumes do show what work experience people have, but they do not show many other things like if these people were doing work or sitting on facebook all day. What kind of person they are and if they are willing to work as a team. Teams at most jobs are important, and when you get one person that does not want to work as a team it could be difficult to do your job.
Interviews are where people should really let out their true colors. If you are willing to go the extra mile for your job and really care about your job let them know. Do not be scared to say how you really feel because most of the time that is what they are looking to hear not the typical answer they hear all day long. Bosses should look past the resume and what is written down on paper because it could look good when it is on paper but then as soon as they are hired they will show you what kind of worker and per truely son they are.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I thought both of these videos were helpful. I will go back and look at these videos when it is time to build my resume. It was a great reference and could help me in the long run. Finding jobs online can be a difficult thing. With the right resume i will be able to find a job that i like. I did not realize that resumes were so important in job searches and i am glad i found these sites. Building a resume is a great task to know how to do.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

incorrect email

There were more then one problem with the email that was sent out. The first paragraph was confusing and will make people not want to go on to read the rest of the email. The first few sentences should be important and to the point so that viewers will continue reading. 
They also used abbreviations that were not of common knowledge so people did not know what they meant. The email said nothing about the benefits of the change that will be taking place, and when it will be started. explaining how the change was going to take place it was not communicated very well. They explained how it was different for everyone in details. The writer could have sent out  different emails to people that it affected. This email was extremely difficult to follow and not clear. 

negative message

responding to a negative message can be hard depending on what kind of situation you are in. While around co- workers or a boss i would respond to a negative message as best i could and not show many expressions on the outside but on the inside i would be saying how i really feel. In a more comfortable setting around family and close friends my response would be opposite i would let all of my emotions out because those are the people who are suppose to understand you. Responding to a negative message is based on the type of person you are but it is best to hide emotions for the most part

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Persuasive writing

The persuasive letter that i found was on why people should not watch too much t.v. They wrote the letter in 5 paragraphs stating 3 reasons why we should not watch too much t.v. The essay is written toward everybody because it is not educational and our time can be used doing something beneficial for our lives. the voice is very strongly direct opinionated. The person strongly believes that television is not benefiting us in anyway. The essay is not very effictive because i feel like they are yelling at me for watching t.v. I would give people both sides and say why it is bad not just say that it is all bad and nobody should watch t.v.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Business letter's

The letter i chose as an example was a congratulation's letter. I think the letter is perfect, it is to the point very clear and does not use language that the common person can not understand. It is genuine from the company to the person. The headings and closure are correct. If i were to receive a letter such as this one i would find no mistakes. The business that wrote this letter comes off very professional and great to work with.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Buissness websites

Businesses that are to formal with their websites are not efficient. People do not want to have to think about what is on the website they want to read it and get what is being said right away. Businesses should use things that are more appealing to the common person and that will catch their eye right away. Businesses are hurting themselves by being formal. It is good to be formal in certain situations but while trying to appeal to their clients they should use simple and to the point websites.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introduction about me

My name is Katelyn Nicole Kurtz. I am a Sophomore at Coastal Caroline University. My home town is Smithtown, Ny. It is located on Long Island. My current major is Business Management, but it changes once a week. This is my first time ever having a blog. I created my blog account for a class I am taking at CCU. I was required to make a blog account but now that I know better of what blogging is I am excited to keep blogging. 
I will be discussing not only things that have to do with Business but, things that interest me. This may include animals, cheerleading,  and new information on what is going on in the news. Communication is extremely important in all of the branches of Business so it is important that as technology is updated, people that have careers in Business are also updated. Facebook, Twitter and Blogging are all new ways that the world is using to communicate to send advertisements, spread news , and catch customers attention. In reality people spend most of thier time using these three social networks, so it would only make sense for businesses to join in. I am expecting how know how to correctly catch peoples attention and create the proper communication that i need to have a successful business of my own some day.