Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introduction about me

My name is Katelyn Nicole Kurtz. I am a Sophomore at Coastal Caroline University. My home town is Smithtown, Ny. It is located on Long Island. My current major is Business Management, but it changes once a week. This is my first time ever having a blog. I created my blog account for a class I am taking at CCU. I was required to make a blog account but now that I know better of what blogging is I am excited to keep blogging. 
I will be discussing not only things that have to do with Business but, things that interest me. This may include animals, cheerleading,  and new information on what is going on in the news. Communication is extremely important in all of the branches of Business so it is important that as technology is updated, people that have careers in Business are also updated. Facebook, Twitter and Blogging are all new ways that the world is using to communicate to send advertisements, spread news , and catch customers attention. In reality people spend most of thier time using these three social networks, so it would only make sense for businesses to join in. I am expecting how know how to correctly catch peoples attention and create the proper communication that i need to have a successful business of my own some day.

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