Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I thought both of these videos were helpful. I will go back and look at these videos when it is time to build my resume. It was a great reference and could help me in the long run. Finding jobs online can be a difficult thing. With the right resume i will be able to find a job that i like. I did not realize that resumes were so important in job searches and i am glad i found these sites. Building a resume is a great task to know how to do.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

incorrect email

There were more then one problem with the email that was sent out. The first paragraph was confusing and will make people not want to go on to read the rest of the email. The first few sentences should be important and to the point so that viewers will continue reading. 
They also used abbreviations that were not of common knowledge so people did not know what they meant. The email said nothing about the benefits of the change that will be taking place, and when it will be started. explaining how the change was going to take place it was not communicated very well. They explained how it was different for everyone in details. The writer could have sent out  different emails to people that it affected. This email was extremely difficult to follow and not clear. 

negative message

responding to a negative message can be hard depending on what kind of situation you are in. While around co- workers or a boss i would respond to a negative message as best i could and not show many expressions on the outside but on the inside i would be saying how i really feel. In a more comfortable setting around family and close friends my response would be opposite i would let all of my emotions out because those are the people who are suppose to understand you. Responding to a negative message is based on the type of person you are but it is best to hide emotions for the most part